Core Energy Coaching
Transforming Lives from the Inside Out

Why Coaching is So Important

According to Korn Ferry in their report Real World Leadership, 55% of leadership ROI is judged as fair to very poor and "ineffective leadership development harms an organization's pipeline in three ways, resulting in:

  • A lack of leaders ready to step into new roles right now.
  • Newly promoted (or transitioned) leaders inadequately prepared for their new roles.
  • The next generation of leaders unprepared for advancement.
Regarding Harvard Business Review Research Report:

Why Google Chairman Needed a Coach

Why The "Inside Out" Approach?

 Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “you are what you think all day long." The image to the left illustrates this as an ongoing cycle but it all starts with what we think. If we think (or believe what our gremlins tell us) we are not smart, then we will be sad or mad and then we might act out - get in fights, argue with others, etc. Those behaviors reinforce our thoughts and then we continue to feel bad or worse. As a Core Energy Coach it is important  to focus on the energy behind the core thoughts that drive people forward or hold them back. Rather than focusing on the effect (behavior) we focus on the cause - what's going on inside.
This approach is designed to shift individuals from listening to their inner critic to listening to their inner coach​. The inner critic has evolved over time and was often fueled by the messages we receved when we were growing up. Perfectionism is a common theme - in our parent's desire to encourage us to do our best, sometimes our "best" was never enough. The bar kept getting higher and the message we internalized was "I am not good enough." As a result, we bring these messages (gremlin or ciritc) to our adult lives and they drive our behavior. As a coach we teach individuals how to "reprogram" their critic.
"Just tell me what to do" is frequently what clients ask of their coach. Of course we know what would work for us but that is almost never the answer for them. Everyone is different ... their experiences are different, their life choices are different, and their energetic profiles are different.  That is why the inside out coaching model works so well. The coach's role is to get the client to dig deep, understand what they are thinking (about themselves, their situation or others) and how those thoughts impact their feelings  and how those feelings impact their actions. 
The Coach may encounter a client who "believes" an employee is worthless (thought), and that makes them angry (feeling) so they jump down the employees' throat (action) everytime they make even the smallest mistake. Probing for the feelings behind these interactions and where this "perfectionistic" attitude might come from, the employee may discover their "gremlin" has been telling them they are worthless from an early age. In actuality most great ideas come out of trial and error - Einstein commented that he had not failed 1,000 times to invent the light bulb, he just discovered 1,000 designs that would not work which allwoed him to eliminate those designs. Entrepreneurs often seek to fail often and early ​so they can get closer to success. It is all about forward progress and not perfection.